Comment Policy

I really enjoy having your feedback and comments on my blog, but I need to outline some guidelines for discussions and highlight what will not be acceptable.

I. Spam will not be tolerated! Akismet detects most spam, but if you somehow  manage to slip some through, it will be deleted.

II. Comments with profanity or derogatory language will be edited or deleted. There is a very wide range of readers here, so please respect others and mind your language.

III. The comment filter is set up to hold any comments with more than two (2) links. If you feel that you absolutely must link three or more items, please be patient and know that I have to approve your comment before it will show up. Also, links that contain vulgar or adult content will be removed.

IV. Comments that personally attack another member of this community or that are aimed at hurting someone else will be deleted. Verbal abuse will not be tolerated here.

The owner of this blog (that’s me) reserves the right to edit or delete any comment that I deem breaks these rules.  This comment policy is subject to change at any time.

One thought on “Comment Policy

    timethief said:
    26 June , 2011 at 13:38

    I like your comment policy. It’s brief and to the point. One aspect you did not cover that you may want to is how you treat other links. My blog frequently receives comments from people who are using keywords as usernames. The comments are on topic but it’s easy to detect their motivation for submitting it when one looks at the commercial site URL they link to. They are attempting to game search engine results and get a link on my blog that my readers will click. As their sites are PPC sites they get paid for every click made. I make it clear in my commenting policy that all links are subject to examination and/or removal, and that I do not post comments of that kind. You may want to conisider adding that if you experience this behavior in the future. Best wishes with your blog. 🙂

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