Just because it can be done…

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…doesn’t mean it should be. Right? But then again, just because something shouldn’t necessarily be done, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t. Right? But if something should neither be done nor ignored in a way in which it isn’t done, then it probably doesn’t really matter if it is done. Right? Anyway, you probably are wondering what I’m getting at here.

You see, there comes a time in every person’s life when they have a cool video camera, a couple crazy friends, and a night when they don’t have to sleep; then they have the urge to make random videos. That does happen to everyone… right?

Well, it happened to me. A couple of my best friends Jeff and Josh, basically my brothers  and I decided we should shoot some random video. Unfortunately, we took that quite literally, and the videos are, indeed, incredibly random. What we really need is a script and a plot. Being the innovative creative geniuses that we are, however, we took the scraps of video that we have and patched them into something substantially less than a full cinematic work of art. In fact… you probably won’t even understand it.

Here’s the newest installment:

If you want to see the other videos, you should go to our channel and check them out.

So, we really need script/plot ideas. Anything wacky, off the wall, or funny will fly. Any literal flying should be kept out of the picture for now. Just make sure to keep it rated a low PG. Feel free to leave ideas in the comments below, on our page, or through a message on Youtube. Subscribe! Like our videos! and/or Share them!

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