More Experiments With HDR

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Once again, I have had a chance to play with a camera and Photomatix. I took the trusty Canon Rebel and went out to play with multi-shot HDR images and single image RAW tone-mapped images.

If you look closely into the seemingly bland sunset image of grass and shrubbery, you will see a rabbit hunkered next to the brush. He (or she) let me get within about five feet, and the rabbit stayed still long enough for me to about three long exposure shots, plus some quick images. Click here for a close-up of my furry friend.

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Experiments with HDR

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I posted a week or so ago about HDR. I had a chance over the weekend on the camping trip to get some more pictures. These pictures were all taken with a cheap point-and-shoot (Fuji FinePix A610) and converted to HDR in Photomatix.

Using the method I did to take HDR photos, I needed to steady the camera for about 10-15 seconds–however long it took for me to take 3 pictures of the same scene. Unfortunately, I did not have a tripod here at school. Somebody’s trash solved my problem, though! While at the campground, I found a bolt laying on the ground that was a bolt on one side and a wood screw on the other. The bolt was the same size as a tripod mount! So I made a monopod out of my walking stick and used that for the pictures. +1 for innovation. 

I’ve created a Flickr account with my favorite pictures that I’ve taken. You can click this link to view the images in their original sizes, download, them, or scoff at my amateurishness.

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Ouachitalkin’ about?

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I’m back! Yay. This weekend, two of my friends from school, Craig and Michael, and I went to Ouachita (ooo-ah-chi-taw) National Park. Not too many exciting things occurred, but we did have fun. Here are some glimpses of that trip.

I learned that there are way too many snakes on Lake Ouachita. I mean, everywhere we turned, snakes were waiting for us. This guy was interesting; I think he’s a hognose snake. We came across him right before he decided to munch on a toad.

Butterflies really like to eat soot. Don’t ask me why, but these butterflies were really attracted to an old campfire pit.

 Food tip #1. When traveling into the wilderness. take some potatoes, celery, carrots, meat, and onions. Season the ingredients and wrap them in aluminum foil. Cooking the packets over a fire produces great results.

Lake Ouachita, although abounding in snakes, does have some great sunsets. We were only there for two sunsets, but both nights were great.

Finally, we headed back to campus.

These are only a few of the pictures I took. Tomorrow, I’ll be posting a follow-up post to my HDR experiments post. The sunsets provided for a good venue in which to play with HDR. (None of the pictures in this post are edited or HDR.)

Have a great day!
~ Chris