Strange Things

Aliens are Real!

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Have you ever looked into the skies and wondered if anything was really up there? We obviously cannot be alone in this universe; scientists have proved that billions of other planets exist in the universe. Surely, on some of those planets, life must exist. Perhaps it does. How else does one explain Pugs?

Some of the strangest things upon this earth are surely not the result of the normal stock of human ingenuity. For example, have you ever looked at Lady Gaga on stage and wondered if she was from this planet? Do you really think Avatar was filmed in studios? How do automatic doors know when a person is approaching?  It’s either aliens or little magical elves. Take your pick. 

Recently, we had an alien encounter on our campus. This was actually shot last year, during spring break. Unfortunately, the aliens seemed to have thought that the film style was still 1920s. This footage was left on my youtube channel. Such a strange way of making contact. I honestly don’t even understand the aliens’ humor.

Ok, maybe not. To be honest, the video had been on my hard drive since last spring break. Me, being bored and intoxicated by too much heavily-sweetened hot tea, decided to make this video…. or did I?