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Love it? Hate it? Indifferent?

I tend to be the that last category. I like breakfast, but I hardly ever eat it. I just don’t see the point. On days when I work, I get up too early (debatable, I know) to fix breakfast before I head to work, and on days that I’m off, I usually sleep in too late to justify eating breakfast.

Every once in a blue moon, though, when the stars align, the fates converge, and I forget to turn off my alarm clock, I decide to cook something for breakfast. This was one of those mornings. Actually, my dad woke me up a bit early today, but I still decided to cook some foodstuffs. Normally, when I consider cooking something for breakfast, that entails getting the toaster and popping in some Pop Tarts legacy post time. This morning, though, I wished for something a bit, more… dramatic.  After all, what’s a morning meal without toast, bacon, eggs, and random French music?

New Cameras and Sites and Stuff

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So, today I took my new camera to South Mountain to get some photos. Oh, wait, did I tell you I got a new camera? Hey, guess what? I GOT A NEW CAMERA. (It’s really hard to express how excited I am about this…)

imageAnyway, I got a Sony Alpha SLT-a65. It’s a translucent mirror (Single Lens Translucent) camera, similar to an SLR, but it has a translucent mirror (doh), which allows most of the light to pass through to the sensor and reflects the rest to the autofocus sensor to allow for full-time phase detection focusing. You’re probably not overly interested in all of the technical stuff, but here’s the wiki page just in case.

Instead of going with the kit lens, I decided to purchase a Sony 35mm prime. I got a fisheye adapter to play around with, as well. I’m planning on getting some more lenses, namely a good wide-angle and a zoom, but I’ll have to save a bit before I do that.

Back to South Mountain.

My friend, Jeff, and I went up there to see what it looked like after the chilly weather hit (it doesn’t get too cold down here, so freezing weather is a fun anomaly). I got a few decent pictures, but my main goal was to get some good images for HDR processing. One of the problems with experimental photography is that a large volume of photos are taken, and a very small number of usable photos result. I’ll have to wait until Spring to really get some good shots because everything was a light shade of green or brown. Here’s a glimpse of part of the trip, though.

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StolenLogoOn to the major news. I’ve started a new photography blog,! My goal is to post one picture every weekday. I’m going to limit the amount of text in each post, so the blog will mainly be limited to daily photos. Go check it out, and if you like what you see, hit the follow button! You can also follow Stolen Pixels on Facebook here.

~ Chris