Can be. 

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​In the darkness is beauty and mystery, for the veiling of the seen is an invitation to create. Our minds fill the void with what they will, and our wills become a substitute for reality. We could imagine in front of us a thing we like, behind us the things we despise. We can forget the valleys and picture only the fields of bliss.

In the darkness also lies fear, for with the freedom to create a vision of our own, we gain a certainty that we cannot know what is really around us. Reality is a state, and it cannot be altered. Any substitute is a falsehood.

In the light is clarity, though freedom diminishes as clarity increases. We can lose our way in the dark, and our fault can be forgiven, but in the light, our choices bring with them a weight of responsibility. The unseen unveiled become evident, and reality overwrites our substitutions.

Sometimes we wander from the dark into the light, only to find ourselves in a cloud, seeing some things, misinterpreting others, and missing all of the rest.

In the darkness can be comfort.

In the light can be truth. 

In the truth can be darkness. 

A Little Bit About Myself

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One of my profs gave the prompt of “include a short paper about yourself.” The following was my response. 

Myself is a person whom I have known all of my life, but I still stumble when I attempt to describe him. First of all, he doesn’t like to make mistakes; who does? He has made plenty, though. He has been involved in group activities since he was young: summer camp, drama camp, 4-H for 12 years, etcetera, but he still doesn’t like large groups of people. He has attended a college and a university, but he has yet to receive a degree. He wants to travel but is restricted by the lack of that social annoyance known as money. He likes reading, writing, photography, and the outdoors. He loves all sorts of music, but he shies away from pop and the more vulgar instances of rap. He grew up in church, and he still wants to serve the One who made him.

He’s currently taking classes that piqued his interests. He’s still not precisely sure what he’s doing in the fall. He thinks he may go to UNCC for a degree in Computer Science, but nothing is ever set in stone. He likes writing papers, believe it or not, and this one’s a short one.    

-random valediction-
~ Chris


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Certainty known, I lost all else,
Everything lost, purpose I found,
Purpose now found, pursuit ensued,
Pursuing I found, though not what I sought ,
Purpose still seen, seeking grew hard,
Labour applied, though course was unsure,
Course misdirected, soon was corrected,
The correction now made, the Corrector is praised,
At least through it all,
Purpose is seen,
And the Guide He never,
Never is lost.