An Open Letter to Short People

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The term “short” is a fairly relative term; for example, I am somewhere in the neighborhood of 6’2″, so I’m usually not considered short. However, one of my best friends is 6’6″. When I stand next to him, I appear to be quite lacking in the area of vertical stature. This letter, however, is generally intended for those men who have not reached the height of 5’5″ or so and for those of the female genre who remain below the height of 5′.

I’ve often wondered what it’s like to be so short. Do you enjoy looking up to most people in the world? My mother is one of those ladies who has never been able to boast of a vertical advantage over anyone 5′ tall. She seems generally contented with life, so I have ruled out too severe of a psychological impact effected by her height; indeed, most people of a shorter nature tend to be rather jovial and, dare I make the comparison, gnomishly happy!

I have considered my own reaction had I been placed in a body lacking in overall longitude, and I have determined that the result would not be altogether negative. First of all, I would try out for the position of a racing jockey. I don’t know much about horses, but I’m sure I can learn. Secondly, I wouldn’t mind being able to walk through a store without being asked to get things from a top shelf. Third, I’ve often wondered what it’s like to sit in a car and not worry about having enough leg room. It must be convenient to be “travel-sized.”

Being short can’t be all that terrible of a thing; after all, many people seem to be quite happy, even though they can comfortably walk under my outstretched arms. Don’t dismay; think of all of the lovely advantages you have over taller people! You don’t have to worry about leg room, your back will probably hold out longer, you don’t have to stand in the back for group photos, you get to stand on cool little boxes when you’re behind a podium, you can easily fit into more compressed spaces, you might get mistaken for a young child every now and then, but hey! I can’t say I’ve ever had that honor! Anyhow…

What is the point of this letter, you may ask? Well, I have decided that though I shall continue to jest and make fun of those shorter than I, I will think no less of you as a person. Being short is not a choice, and for that I will not judge.

Good Day,


Disclaimer: I actually really like short people. They’re awesome. No short people were harmed (physically) in the making of this post. If you’re short, I think you’re awesome.