“The Raven” like You’ve Never Heard it (Probably)

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So, I got a Mac a while back, and something I’ve always wanted to do was create a song in Garageband. I’ve never played any instruments other than the trumpet and trombone, and neither of those lend well to digital music.

Garageband has a huge library of loops. I started to play with different combinations, and I finally decided on the words I wanted to use. So, without any further ado, I give you The Raven (rap).

Yep. That’s that.

Please excuse the mis-pronunciation of “quaff” and “beak.” If I ever re-record it, I’ll fix my gaffs. 

Blogging to the Tunes (MAXKMaS)

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I’m sure that a question has often haunted your minds–in the deepest hours of thought and most profound moments of inspiration, a nagging feeling that just won’t go away. It is one that is bound to permeate the ponderings of those who have happened across my blog. “What music does he listen to?”

Ok, I might have gotten a little carried away there, but whether or not you have ever wondered what I listen to, I’m going to tell you. Introducing the first Monthly Awesome XK Music and Stuff (MAXKMaS).

First of all, as an intro, MAXKMaS is in no way guaranteed to be a professional nor even quality article. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author, and as such, reflect those of the same. Very few headphones were harmed in the making of this post.

05. Breath of Life (Florence + the Machine)

This song is from Snow White and the Huntsmen. The movie itself, minus Hemsworth and Theron, was a total flop. It had potential, and every second I expected it to get better, but it never did. I totally recommend watching the credits, though. They’re set to this song, and the CG is really cool.

04. Is This a Dry Season or Agnostisism (Sons)

This is a thought provoking song. Hover here for the lyrics.

03. Gravity (Lecrae)

A taste of rap for when my indie gives out.

02. Be Calm (Fun.)

I literally love this song. That is my review.

01. Selling the News (Switchfoot)

I’ll let this one sing its own tune.

And that wraps up this inaugural episode of MAXKMaS. Here’s a link to a Spotify playlist containing all of these songs. I’ll be putting up more posts like this as I continue because, you see, I really like music. These songs represent some of the stuff I’ve just recently gotten into. We’ll see what the future holds.


The Different Moods of Music ~ From Adele to Dubstep

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If you were to open up my iTunes library right now, you would probably think me a very strange person. Maybe I am a strange person, but that’s irrelevant. I tend to be quite diverse in my musical tastes, and letting my library shuffle through its selection has been known to leave roommates and friends alternately dancing and cringing, simultaneously. I know; that was deep. When I was younger, my musical selection consisted of what was in my parents’ CD racks. Mom and Dad were the leaders for my church’s youth group, so my musical influences consisted of old Christian rock, CCM, and whatever my dad listened to on the radio. To this day, I openly shun all ’70s music.

As I progressed through my childhood and into my mid-teens, I suddenly discovered this wonderful thing known as Christian hard rock (Disciple, Red, Kutless, etc). Skeptical at first, I soon grew to love this lyrically clean and instrumentally loud form of music. Blasting it through my portable CD player, I was as happy as a boy could be. Until, that is, I met the world of online streaming music.

The proverbial metaphorical horizons of my mind began to expand. The sky and our 56k modem was the limit. I was introduced to ’90s Grunge, Indie, Pop, and ’50s swing. Yes, swing. Get over it. During the course of my years in 4H and other social conglomerations, I discovered the addictiveness of Pop and learned to live with the repetitive mass of guitars, banjos, and rednecks that is known as Country.

This brings us to college. A happily oblivious freshman, I soon was exposed to the wonders of cultural diversity. My old roommate is from California, my best friend hails from Rhode Island, and the rest of my friends converged from around the country and globe. My ears feasted eww… bad mental image on the wonders of Alternative Rock, Hipsteresque Indie bands, and strange mixtures of Rap and Rock. My musical journey, however, did not near completion until this past semester.

A strange, arrhythmic mash-up of popular songs and spoken word began to invade the halls of my dorm. Heavy bass drops and incomprehensible lyrics were heard throughout the internets. The era of Dubstep had begun. I found myself liking this strange and wonderful genre, and I soon added songs from Skrillex and Deadmau5 to my library.

I now have music for practically every mood, and I listen to most of it on a fairly frequent basis. When I’m feeling contemplative, I throw on some Adele, Evanescence, or Anberlin. When it’s time to study, you can find my speakers playing the soundtrack from Pirates of the Caribbean or Inception. When I’m feeling happy, the bass is booming and Lady Gaga, Cascada, or Linkin Park is singing to me. When I’m in the mood for something different, you can hear the Decemberists, Dropkick Murphys, or Needtobreathe entertaining the area. When I’m hopped up on caffeine, well, you never know what might come on. #BlueDaBaDee

That sums up my musical experience. I still don’t listen to much ’70s, country, or rap, but that’s mainly due to the musical influences of my childhood–in one way or another. I noted only a few of my favorite bands above, I listen to a much wider variety than I have space or you have attention span to list here. What are your favorite genres and bands? Leave a comment below and feel free to link to a youtube video!

Happy listening!
~ Chris