The Journey of a Thousand Meters – Pt. 2

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Note: If you haven’t read Part 1, then do so now!
Part 1

There are few thing counted strange among us. I have seen others burst into flames, get carried off by huge flying creatures, or fall fantastic distances and still get back up and continue on. What I beheld before me know beat anything I had ever seen. I felt as if I was in a nightmare, the sound and vibrations were growing louder and far more terrible. The tower I had climbed was starting to sway violently. I knew that if I was to survive I had to get below ground. Boulders started flying through the air with amazing velocities, each one that passed me by made the dream become more real.

I ran towards the cave entrance, my legs started to grow weak as I clambered up the slope. The wind had grown incredibly strong by now… I looked back and saw what was coming towards me, I gave up hope as I saw the spinning blades. The bottom of the mower deck was approaching fast. The roar from the engine was deafening. The green towers were flying everywhere now, chopping, crushing, flying, the grass was discharged from the side and the mower kept coming.

I saw others in the entrance beckoning to move faster. Suddenly, a piercing alarm screamed through the roar….

I open my eyes to see my mother standing over me… I look around and realize I am in my room; the train horn sounds in the distance as the tracks creak eerily outside of my window. “You’re just about late for work, those yards won’t mow themselves you know.” I hear my mother say as I clear the sleep from my eyes. “Have you been reading books on ants again?”

Note: The story and people in this story are entirely fictitious and any relation to real life characters is entirely coincidental. No ants were harmed in the writing of this story.