Assorted Pastries

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Since this is a Leap Day, and it occurs only once every four years, I decided to do something special. To commemorate this day, I’m going to ask you a question.

If a blog is started on the internet and no one is around, does anyone read it? 

Obviously, questions such as this one have haunted internet users for decades. I have another one for you; if I started another blog, would you subscribe to it? Well, it’s time to find out!

Yesterday, whilst drinking tea and staring contemplatively at a jar of peanut butter, I had an idea. This is not to say that I don’t usually have ideas, but this particular light bulb seemed brighter than most. I decided to start a reader-based blog! The concept is simple. Think of a slightly sarcastic, parody advice column. Now, put that column in a blog. Finally, try to imagine an elephant crossed with a zebra.The zebraphant has nothing to do with the blog.

The thing is, I need you, my loyal readers, to participate! If you’ve already subscribed to this blog, I encourage you to also do so on the new blog. If you haven’t subscribed here, shame… shame… In order for this idea to work, I’ll need people to submit questions! If you like the idea, I encourage you to tell your friends on Facebook or Twitter and try to get them to subscribe and ask questions! In the future, I also plan on taking reader-submitted question/answer posts. So, without any further ado, I give you: Assorted Pastries.Hopefully you’ll enjoy the experience. Don’t forget to subscribe and tell your friends!
Have a marvelous Leap Day,