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Things I really dislike…

♦ When people stand in front of the drink machine at the cafeteria, only to move on to a different machine without using the first. 

 ♦ Internet Explorer. 

Wet socks when walking.

♦ When my computer freezes right when I’m doing something important.

♦ Awkward silences between myself and others (non-awkward silences are fine). 

When professors teach only one side and ignore other perspectives.

Commenters on YouTube who seem to have no conscious.

Music from the ’70s.

♦ People who drive far slower than the speed limit.

♦ Hypocrites.

Good music ruined by foul language.

Paying for things.


♦ Sigmund Freud

♦ The unmerited abuse of rubber duckies.

Hatred, Jealousy, Confusion, and Everything else that isn’t nice…

What do you dislike?

-insert valediction here-