The Different Moods of Music ~ From Adele to Dubstep

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If you were to open up my iTunes library right now, you would probably think me a very strange person. Maybe I am a strange person, but that’s irrelevant. I tend to be quite diverse in my musical tastes, and letting my library shuffle through its selection has been known to leave roommates and friends alternately dancing and cringing, simultaneously. I know; that was deep. When I was younger, my musical selection consisted of what was in my parents’ CD racks. Mom and Dad were the leaders for my church’s youth group, so my musical influences consisted of old Christian rock, CCM, and whatever my dad listened to on the radio. To this day, I openly shun all ’70s music.

As I progressed through my childhood and into my mid-teens, I suddenly discovered this wonderful thing known as Christian hard rock (Disciple, Red, Kutless, etc). Skeptical at first, I soon grew to love this lyrically clean and instrumentally loud form of music. Blasting it through my portable CD player, I was as happy as a boy could be. Until, that is, I met the world of online streaming music.

The proverbial metaphorical horizons of my mind began to expand. The sky and our 56k modem was the limit. I was introduced to ’90s Grunge, Indie, Pop, and ’50s swing. Yes, swing. Get over it. During the course of my years in 4H and other social conglomerations, I discovered the addictiveness of Pop and learned to live with the repetitive mass of guitars, banjos, and rednecks that is known as Country.

This brings us to college. A happily oblivious freshman, I soon was exposed to the wonders of cultural diversity. My old roommate is from California, my best friend hails from Rhode Island, and the rest of my friends converged from around the country and globe. My ears feasted eww… bad mental image on the wonders of Alternative Rock, Hipsteresque Indie bands, and strange mixtures of Rap and Rock. My musical journey, however, did not near completion until this past semester.

A strange, arrhythmic mash-up of popular songs and spoken word began to invade the halls of my dorm. Heavy bass drops and incomprehensible lyrics were heard throughout the internets. The era of Dubstep had begun. I found myself liking this strange and wonderful genre, and I soon added songs from Skrillex and Deadmau5 to my library.

I now have music for practically every mood, and I listen to most of it on a fairly frequent basis. When I’m feeling contemplative, I throw on some Adele, Evanescence, or Anberlin. When it’s time to study, you can find my speakers playing the soundtrack from Pirates of the Caribbean or Inception. When I’m feeling happy, the bass is booming and Lady Gaga, Cascada, or Linkin Park is singing to me. When I’m in the mood for something different, you can hear the Decemberists, Dropkick Murphys, or Needtobreathe entertaining the area. When I’m hopped up on caffeine, well, you never know what might come on. #BlueDaBaDee

That sums up my musical experience. I still don’t listen to much ’70s, country, or rap, but that’s mainly due to the musical influences of my childhood–in one way or another. I noted only a few of my favorite bands above, I listen to a much wider variety than I have space or you have attention span to list here. What are your favorite genres and bands? Leave a comment below and feel free to link to a youtube video!

Happy listening!
~ Chris

On Christmas Music

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Perhaps I was a bit harsh in my sweeping generalizations of the last post; so, today, I think I’ll lay out my idea of some acceptable Christmas songs. What is my idea of an acceptable Christmas song?

  1. It can’t be annoying. Oh yeah right, like my opinion’s all subjective and stuff. Psshhh. Examples include Santa Claus is Coming to Town, I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas, I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, and Taylor Swift’s Love Story. Yes, I know that’s not a Christmas song… I still don’t like it.
  2. It must not be played in excess of 15 times per day. Pretty self-explanatory. 
  3. It must be acceptable listening outside of the Christmas season. Who actually listens to “Jingle Bell Rock” of their own freewill? 
  4. It cannot be called Santa Baby. That song is an abhorrence and a blight upon the face of the music industry.

Now, let’s make a list; shall we? All of the songs in the link below are approved as awesome and acceptable for Christmastime listening. If you do nothing else, you have to watch the last video in the list… 

My list of the most acceptable Christmas songs.

Have fun listening (to something, anyway)!

Holiday Tears

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Much to the disdain of myself and (most undoubtedly) others like me, it is that horrible and most unfortunate season again. That terrible time that so rudely takes up far too much of an otherwise impeccable and pristine blank space on the calendar of life. Indeed, my friends, it is with tremulous voice and unsteady hand that I attempt to put down on paper a most uncouth and ghastly pronouncement.

But come! What else was there to be done? This question has racked my mind and being until the very fabric of my meager existence began to unravel and come to danger of bursting aflame! If indeed, in the course of reading this atrocious perambulate, you reach an answer or even come to terms with this odious and most discordant conundrum, do please come forth and state your most sought after and treasured conquest.

To continue… of course! The continuation of any locomotive having once been dissuaded from its set path is enough to grant even the least sentimental of skeptics a glance at the meaning of joy. So, thenceforth, onward with the train of thought that is mine. Alas, indeed; must it finally come to this? Must I name the source of this cacophonous tragedy that is imposing its bleak towers upon the walls of our stalwart defenses.

The holidays are upon us. The modulations are creeping in through the walls. The terrible fate that visits oh-so-predictably is back once again. Say hello to your doom and goodbye to your friends. The terrors are upon us and they have already come. Beware. Holiday cheers? No, I’m afraid it cannot be so. Holiday tears. My friends, the Christmas music is here.

~ XK

Disclaimer: Yes I do usually dislike Christmas music. No, I don’t hate all Christmas music. Exhibit A: Relient k’s Christmas album. No, I don’t usually talk like this. Yes, I like pop tarts. No, I’m not sure why the fabric of my existence is flammable. No, I didn’t buy the extended warranty. Yes, I like small kittens and bleu cheese–separately and in different ways. No, I’ve never seen Gone With the Wind. My favorite book is The Count of Monte Cristo. Are you still reading this? You should stop and have an Oreo. Did you know I can read your mind? You’re thinking about cookies. Anyway, have a nice life. 

Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer!… (Now it’s stuck in your head.)