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The Best Webcomic Ever

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I know, I’m a bit late on finding this one, but here it is.

I have a lot of apologies to make. Not that they’re required, of course, but I still feel obligated to get this out there.

I… have a new favorite webcomic. It’s not a new webcomic by any means, but it is amazing. When I say amazing, I mean that it is the single best compilation of images, plot, and dialog that I have ever witnessed in a comic. Ever.

Dr. McNinjaPVP, Nedroid, XKCD, Gamer Cat, Sandra and Woo, Lackadaisy Cats, Loading Artist, Awkward Zombie, Heavenly Nostrils, and all the rest… you guys are great. I highly recommend each of you to my readers. None of you, however, offer a multiple doctorate-holding, practicing physician, dinosaur riding/punching, and lumberjack-fighting ninja protagonist. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the read-throughs; I still hold that Lackadaisy has the best art, and I am still biased towards PVP’s storyline and character set, but Dr. McNinja, you are the best.

I salute you all in your comical endeavors, and I apologize greatly to all of you who have been displaced. Lackadaisy Cats, you now hold the number two spot, right above PVP.

Dr. McNinja, you are awesome.

That is all.