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For those of you with iTouches, iPhones, iPads, or any number of capacitive screen devices. (Touch-screens with glass faces that are mostly multi-touch.) I have found a cheap, fun stylus that you can use! After much research and many years of toil upon the subject*, it has been found that Play-Doh works wonderfully as a stylus! Mold the handle into any shape, use multiple colors, and find it in any kid’s store!

There are a few downsides… Play-doh will dry out if I remember correctly, you will get strange looks at airports, and your hands smell like play-doh after every use (not necessarily a bad thing.)

So, try it out! Just think, a fun, edible stylus that you can use on your iPhone whenever you wish… What? You didn’t eat Play-Doh…?

* Not really, I actually discovered this while looking up castle embrasures and crenelations… I had Play-Doh in my hand… okay?