A Tribute

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There are many esteemed jobs in the world. Doctors, mechanics, architects, nuclear physicists – the list goes on. I think though, there is only one position which rates above all else. Those people who have to put up with all of us normal (or not so normal) people when we don’t understand something. Those people who spend their lives learning, so that they can turn around and tell it all to someone else. Those parents who choose not to work outside of the home, who instead spend all of their time working in it. The adults who, now that they are out of school themselves, decide that they’re going to go back and watch countless students pass through every year. The people who spend their days working and their nights doing the same. There are a lot of special people in this world. There are lots of important people. There are too many famous and popular people, but I think there is one type that is too often ignored, taken advantage of, and forgotten.

Dear Teachers,