Just because it can be done…

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…doesn’t mean it should be. Right? But then again, just because something shouldn’t necessarily be done, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t. Right? But if something should neither be done nor ignored in a way in which it isn’t done, then it probably doesn’t really matter if it is done. Right? Anyway, you probably are wondering what I’m getting at here.

You see, there comes a time in every person’s life when they have a cool video camera, a couple crazy friends, and a night when they don’t have to sleep; then they have the urge to make random videos. That does happen to everyone… right?

Well, it happened to me. A couple of my best friends Jeff and Josh, basically my brothers  and I decided we should shoot some random video. Unfortunately, we took that quite literally, and the videos are, indeed, incredibly random. What we really need is a script and a plot. Being the innovative creative geniuses that we are, however, we took the scraps of video that we have and patched them into something substantially less than a full cinematic work of art. In fact… you probably won’t even understand it.

Here’s the newest installment:

If you want to see the other videos, you should go to our channel and check them out.

So, we really need script/plot ideas. Anything wacky, off the wall, or funny will fly. Any literal flying should be kept out of the picture for now. Just make sure to keep it rated a low PG. Feel free to leave ideas in the comments below, on our page, or through a message on Youtube. Subscribe! Like our videos! and/or Share them!

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“‘Tis a pity,” said the mongoose to the wildcat, when he arrived back in the palace. “It seems I have misplaced my footwear in the garden.” “What a shame!” replied the wildcat, “I always did believe in ghosts.” The aardvark in the corner was a much better guest, but that was in the olden days. Now the lore is much more subdued.

Whilst the trio of crazies were fancifully fulfilling the roles of each in their own way, the trains rolled on through the night. The owls flew overhead and the mice all cheered for the moon. “To be in this state,” thought the bear to himself, “must be an odd feeling for a moose.” The trap thought the same, although much more subdued, for when did the iron ever think on its own? On through the evening, the great horses ran. The steam off them rolling, the coal burning through. “Oh, for a daisy!” cried the great blue lagoon, and the fish all swam in a pool.

“To go to school! That is our goal,” exclaimed the one with the beard and the shovel. They all soon agreed, and off they traversed, to see why the cows all cried “Moo!” For the cats in the cradle, this is not strange: to see all these odd things in play. For when does it happen, that all this is written, and where does the drunk priest pray?

These were the thoughts that ran through his head, as he sat at the base of the tree. A bit too much ale and a tad too much bagel, this is what ruined his day. So, let this be a lesson to those who are wary, to never go out for a stroll. When the moon is all purple, and the parrots are crying, and the whimsical take up a pen. Woe to the man who makes sense of this. His brain soon might take leave of him.

With that, I bid you good night.

Food Theory — Part 3

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This is a continuation of Food Theory — Part 2. 

Over the centuries, many different sub-concepts and theories have evolved from the human knowledge of food. Some of the strangest and most interesting were developed by a wacko psychologist named Sigmund Freud.  It’s not what you think. [...]

Freud was obsessed with one particular aspect of human nature: hunger. Freud proposed that every action taken, both intentional and subconscious, is fueled in some way by hunger. Through his methods of tropsyanalysis don’t bother looking it up, just try to remember your Greek and free association, Freud was able to draw many interesting conclusions about the nature of the appetite. Freud found that many people were hungry as children; they grew up wanting food, yet they were denied it by their parents. Freud expanded his repression theory to include multiple factors. He proposed that people who dislike certain foods do so because they were overfed those foods as a child. Traumatic experiences with badly cooked food were also blamed for aversions to certain foods. Remember that time you were attacked by that huge killer donut? No, Freud didn’t think you would…

Through his method of free association, Freud was able to discover what he thought were the underlying problems with many people’s appetites. Patients would be given a variety of foods and asked to report their associations with each. Tastes like chicken…

One of Freud’s most controversial theories is the Edibles Complex. Freud stated that all children wish to eat their parents’ food. Babies are given baby food, but they desire to take their parents’ and eat anything that is edible. Using this theory, Freud justified many cases of theft, covetousness, and even murder. Anything, in Freud’s eyes, could be justified if the perpetrator was hungry enough. Even Grand Larceny of Pop tarts. That’s a pretty big deal. 

Freud states that all people are born liking everything, yet they develop appetites and dislikes for certain foods due to their surroundings and upbringing. This is why most people from the North dislike sweet tea. They have been raised to abhor that Southern delicacy which all truly awesome people like.  

Thankfully Unfortunately, Sigmund had a propensity for cigars. He was warned that smoking them would endanger his health, but he ignored the advice and continued smoking–citing his theory that his hunger for cigars was naturally unavoidable. Eventually, he developed cancer and persuaded his doctor help him commit suicide. After administering lethal amounts of pancakes, Freud’s doctor declared him dead. This is why I have never written on pancakes. I try to steer clear of potentially controversial topics.

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