PSA: Back to School

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Public Service Annoyance: Back to School

As you might have noticed, there have been no new posts for quite some time here… That is because I am preparing to return to school. I’ve been looking for my stuff, collecting said stuff, buying stuff that I couldn’t find… Wishing I had more of that green paper stuff… Wondering why I have so much stuff…

I’ll be traveling all day tomorrow and unloading all of my stuff the day after that. Then, once all my stuff is organized, I’ll start looking for my friends, and probably help them unload their stuff. Then I’ll be happy. I might even write a blog post about some stuff, who knows?

Anyway, as I said, I’ll be traveling all day tomorrow, so perhaps I can churn out a few posts sometime during that 16 hour drive to present to my lovely readers. If not, I’ll be doing all kinds of college stuff the next few weeks, so expect a dry spell if you don’t hear from me.

Have a good one,