My Blog Has Holes in It (How else do I explain all these drafts)

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I’m hoping WordPress will address this issue soon. My blog has some gigantic holes in it. I logged in today to find drafts everywhere. No sooner than I had finished filling in my password, did I feel a stiff breeze coming out of my computer screen. It knocked over several of the items on my desk, and I’ve lost a bunch of papers that simply flew away. This is unacceptable.

I just can’t explain the origin of all these drafts. Every time I start to write another post, another draft pops up, and I can’t seem to get anything published. Quite ridiculous, really.

Just the other day I started to write what I knew would be an absolutely superb piece on the moral dilemma that faces us when we are forced to make hard decisions. I got distracted by something in the other room, and I had to walk away from my blog. Somebody must have poked a hole in my site while I was away because there it was: another draft. Such Drafts

I think this all started way back when I tried to write a post about a rubber ducky. I smelled some pop tarts cooking in the other room, and I simply had to go find the source. My blog just hasn’t been the same since.

Fairie Tales, (trying to be) funny stories, inane antics, and completely ridiculous anecdotes, nothing seems to be able to get to that revered published state… I’ve combed through them all, looking for a way to maybe plug the hole and kill the draft, but nothing seems to work. I’ve tried rubber bands, chewing gum, duct tape, and even a few pots of coffee, but none of them solved my issue. I’m hoping that I can get this resolved soon.

I’m starting to think that this might be a problem with the whole blogging world. I’m certain that it’s not a problem with me. I’ll deny to the bitter end. I mean, I’ve been accused of procrastination before, but this is a structural problem, I’m almost certain of it. Brrr… It’s starting to get kinda cold in here. 

In the mean time, I think I’m going to… wait, someone’s at the door. I’ll finish this later. 

~ XK


8 thoughts on “My Blog Has Holes in It (How else do I explain all these drafts)

    adminlmg said:
    8 November , 2014 at 13:08

    I hope you get it fixed! Good luck! 🍀

      xanthuskidd responded:
      9 November , 2014 at 15:43

      Thanks! I’m thinking I can make some progress towards a solution.

    Opinionated Man said:
    8 November , 2014 at 14:30

    lol well done. That got a smile. 😉

      xanthuskidd responded:
      9 November , 2014 at 15:44

      Awesome! Smiles are one of my goals! 😀

    pocketprotectorandheels said:
    8 November , 2014 at 20:46

    You aren’t the only one. We have over 40 drafts on our blog- some of which are no more than a title. I’ve written those completely multiple times, hated it, deleted the entire thing, and decided I’d try again some other time (aka- never). My co-blogger recently called me out on this; I’ll have to see if I can try to use this holes argument to defend them.

      xanthuskidd responded:
      9 November , 2014 at 15:44

      Oh, come on, you know you’ll eventually (maybe, possibly, just perhaps) use those drafts…

    Mr. Misfit said:
    9 November , 2014 at 11:18

    I say don’t stress yourself too much, the number of published posts is even bigger so by many standards you’ve accomplished a lot. Keep going.

      xanthuskidd responded:
      9 November , 2014 at 15:45

      Oh, I don’t stress. Usually. Sometimes.

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