Hey, Folk(s) (MAXKMaS)

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It’s time for another music post! I’m focusing on some of my favorite folk-type music. Feel free to link to your own favorites in the comments!

Please note, MAXKMaS is in no way guaranteed to be a professional nor even quality article. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author, and as such, reflect those of the same. Very few headphones were harmed in the making of this post.

05. I Will Wait (Mumford & Sons)

This one was on the radio quite a bit, so you’ve probably heard it, but if not, this is a really neat English folk-rock song with an upbeat pace and great vocals.

04. November (Trampled by Turtles)

Ok, this one is a bluegrass song–with a fake start. ‘nough said.

03. The Outsiders (NEEDTOBREATHE)

Yes, their name is usually typed IN ALL CAPS. Don’t ask me why. This song was really popular on my dorm floor about a year ago.

02. Here and Heaven [The Goat Rodeo Sessions (Various Artists)]

This is off of a really cool compilation album with some really great artists. The full listing for this song includes Stuart Duncan, Aoife O’Donovan, Chris Thile, Yo-Yo Ma, and Edgar Meyer.

01. Lylacs (Pioneer)

(I had to post this one as a Bandcamp embedd, as their songs are not on Youtube.) If you haven’t heard of Pioneer, don’t worry, I can’t find much on the band themselves. The whole album is pretty neat, though.

That wraps up this edition of Monthly Awesome XK Music and Stuff! As always, the music is saved to this Spotify playlist, so check it out if you have the program or app!


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