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From the blog who brought you depressing stories, faerie tales, and posts about using your dog to clean your house, I present “Everything that can go right…”

I tend to be a bit too fatalistic and depressing at times, and for those of you who tend to dislike being depressed and fatalized, I offer immense and unabated apologies. For those of you who wish to be depressed, oppressed, compressed, or impressed, I offer slightly less immense (but no lessly unabated) apologies. Golly, I just made up like… two words…

Anyhow, I got to thinking the other day about how easy it is to get caught up in the depressing and negative aspects of our lives. We take the positives for granted, as if they are supposed to happen, but when bad things occur, we tend to throw fits and small children and whatever else is close and lightweight. In the interests of preserving the general physical structure of small children, I would like to point out the counterpoint of Murphy’s Law. Murphy’s Law states that “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.” Now, I may be falling into my fatalism here, but isn’t that pretty obvious? Let’s restate it. “Whatever can happen will happen.” Perhaps I have a loose definition of “can,” but I’ve always though Murphy’s Law is a bit redundant. So, let’s turn this thing on its head. “If something can go right, it will go right.” There. I said it. I said something positive. Be happy, people.

Of course, this all depends on us viewing the world as binary. Things will either happen or they will not. There can be no state of “possibly” or “might.” Bad things still might happen, and good things are also possible, but we won’t know until they’re here. Something is only “possible” (but not definite) because we don’t know if it’s definite or not. It might be definite, or it might be not be at all. Things become either positive or not when they occur, and this brings up another point.

Never say something could have happened. Things in the past cannot exist in a non-definitive state when viewed from the present. If something bad happened, then the good counter part that we once, at the time, thought was possible was never possible. In the same vein of thinking, bad things that we onced feared, which are no longer possible, were never possible. Even if it was a choice that we made that caused something to happen or not, then we were the factor that made that which didn’t happen impossible. It’s kinda cool to think about. I’ll leave you with one last example. President Obama and Mitt Romney both have a chance at winning this upcoming election. However, when the votes are cast and the winner decided, the loser never had any chance at winning. The factors were against him, and without altering time and lots of other cool stuff, he was always a loser. 

Now I’m gonna go eat some of my whatever-was-sitting-near-me-when-I-decided-to-start-cooking soup.


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