Why Do We Blog?

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The title’s pretty self-explanatory. Did you expect a post about deep-sea creatures or something? No? Okay, good, I’m going to talk about blogging. Yes, that means I’m blogging about blogging. Don’t think about the philosophical implications.

I’ve heard many reasons as to why people blog. Some do so because they like the attention that expressing their opinions can bring. When you post your thoughts to the interwebs, some people usually agree with you. Unless you actually supported SOPA. When people agree with you, you feel better. This is essentially the theory behind any support group. So if you blog for the attention, you’ve made your own virtual support group. Congratz. 

Aside from the glory and accolades that stream from their lovely comment section, many people enjoy hearing from others and finding others’ opinions. Similar to the support group, this category differs in that the author wants people to disagree with him. Writing to stir up thoughts and prod people’s intellects, this blogger likes excitement. I think I’ll write an article on why Tom Cruise should be president!!

Others blog to inform, entertain, or just express themselves. I started blogging to learn to better express myself, improve my written communication skills, and (hopefully) entertain people. Be entertained! Be very entertained!

Do you blog? Why?



2 thoughts on “Why Do We Blog?

    Andrew (@AndrewStoryTime) said:
    20 April , 2012 at 08:46

    1) It’s too late. I’m already thinking about the philosophical implications.
    2) I’m a writer. Writers are creatures of ego. Of course part of it is getting attention. Without attention writers dry up and become husks. It’s note a pretty sight.
    3) Blogging is very much a social activity. If someone is blogging and hates comments and social media they should really be writing in a writing journal instead. A good argument can lead to some amazing conversation. For instance, I don’t think Tom Cruise should be president. BAM. Argument started.
    4) Expression is my big thing. My blog is obviously mostly devoted to original fiction and poetry that I create. It is a good way to encourage me to constantly produce. That kick in the pants is really useful for a writer who often gets distracted by video games. Hmm…you told me to be entertained twice so I guess I have no choice. I must be entertained now. Good work. Your mind control skills are coming along nicely.

      xanthuskidd responded:
      22 April , 2012 at 00:57

      1) Oh dear… here you go, doing exactly what I told you not to… 😉
      2) Ewww…
      3) I do not like journals…
      4) I like writing fiction, but I haven’t done so in a fair while.
      Oh… and these are the comments you’re looking for.

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