Grand Ventures

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To those of you who are avid perusers and loyal followers of this humble internet web log, I am writing to inform you of an adventure upon which I am embarking. Two of my friends and I are traveling to the state of Arkansas, taking with us nary but that which we need to survive. Almost like the brave explorers of old, we are venturing into formerly uncharted areas and seeking to subdue the lands. I’m going camping. 

We are packing naught but a tarpaulin structure, supported by aluminum staves; a pack containing rations and other essentials, and perhaps a few spare garments. We may, perchance, let a fraction of the everyday luxuries accompany us, with the admittance of a cloth-bound volume or two, but our lives shall not be intruded upon by the presence of such trivialities as Facebook or Twitter. Indeed, not even this blog shall be assessable to me whilst I am away in the foreign realms. We’re tent camping and I won’t have access to internet.

In short, I shall not be around to post. Neither here nor on Assorted Pastries. In the interim of my departure and return, I would love to hear the accounts of your most memorable camping experiences. In return, I promise that you shall receive a narrative of some sort relating to the camping trip, as well as the better pictures that come of this venture. Tell me a story, and I’ll tell one to you. Even if you don’t tell me a story, I still tell one to you. 

I bid you good day,
~ Chris

6 thoughts on “Grand Ventures

    Libby said:
    16 March , 2012 at 18:34

    Camping trip to the Outer Banks = sweat, rain, and mosquitoes. The End. 🙂

    (According to certain members of the family, in a sarcastic tone, “It was a blast”) 😀

      xanthuskidd responded:
      19 March , 2012 at 09:58

      The Outer Banks are awesome! I think we went in the winter, though, so we didn’t have to worry about bugs and heat.

      mama said:
      23 March , 2012 at 11:28

      My camping experiences have been frightenly similar. We are taking a week’s vacation the first week of May to pick Chris up in Texas. We’re camping ALL THE WAY. I’m SURE it also will “be a blast”.

        xanthuskidd responded:
        23 March , 2012 at 11:45

        Wait… we’re camping? This is new.

    Rachel Allison said:
    19 March , 2012 at 16:12

    Most memorable camping trip? There’s been so many I can’t count… lol umm… Id have to say when we went to New York once on a missions trip and stayed in log cabins in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of people from our church. My best friend and I got up at 5:30 to go to the showers, but we couldn’t get off the porch on the cabin because there were so many bats swarming our cabin that every time we stepped off one would run into us. Needless to say, two sleepy teenage girls surrounded by bats aren’t exactly calm… tehe.

      xanthuskidd responded:
      20 March , 2012 at 20:11

      Sweet! I’ve heard that upstate New York has some awesome camping and hiking areas. As to the bats, I have no idea why you wouldn’t be calm… :p I think your first problem was that you got up at 5:30. That’s far too early for people to be moving around… lol

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