A Drinking Problem

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No… this isn’t a post about alcohol. Tsk tsk… you should know me better by now. This is actually a post that is intended to promote the enjoyment and wonderfulness of the most fantastic of beverages. What would that be? Well then, there exist only a few options.

Alcoholic beverages are out of the equation — anything that causes people to run into trees in the middle of the night can’t be good. Except for Tim Tebow. He’s like… the greatest good, and he can probably make people run into trees. 

Obviously, soda pop for you Yankees is one of the great inventions in the world of liquid ingestibles; however, the fact that it can double as a high-strength corrosive is slightly disconcerting. And you can use it to clean toilets. That makes me wanna drink Coke… 

In the Great American South, nothing surpasses the glory and fame of the esteemed Sweet Tea. I’m pretty sure that if the South was an animistic culture, the tea god would be a deity comparable only to the fried chicken and pimento cheese sandwich gods. Even though I am a great lover of sweet tea, I cannot bring myself to list it as the best of drinks. Why? I once mistook the sweet tea for the pancake syrup; unfortunately, there wasn’t any discernible difference.

Closely related in form and name, but varying widely in taste, we have the wonderful British contribution of Hot Tea. Tea is a great beverage, but due to the fact that Britain once over-taxed a little colony of theirs, there has arisen another and more American drink in every sense of the word. Due to the fact that the phrase “tea party” conjures up images of little girls and Toy Story, this beverage has also fallen short of the title of greatest.

What is the wonderful beverage that has overshadowed even the most ubiquitous drink of the might British empire? Let’s see if you can guess. Although it has born the brunt of many criticisms of the medical community,  it has many redeeming qualities. 1) It tastes good. 2) It goes great with milk, sugar, creamer, and many other additives. 3) It can come in many different forms, from hot to cold to ice creamed to home-brewed. 4) It gives a boost of energy the equivalent of eating 16 candy canes (depending on the quantity of beverage.) If you haven’t yet guessed what drink it is that I am talking about, then please… get a life. Just kidding. (Sort of.) Anyhow, coffee is my number one favorite drink of all time. In fact, I will even venture so far as to say that it is the best of all beverages that one could drink. Excepting maybe water… but that’s just plain boring.  

Good Day!

8 thoughts on “A Drinking Problem

    Libby said:
    21 January , 2012 at 23:19

    Yes! Coffee is amazing! Especially in the form of a mocha Frappe (unless you count iced coffee or hot coffee with caramel creamer) 😀

      xanthuskidd responded:
      29 January , 2012 at 01:21

      Mmmm… I love Vanilla Cappuccinos. Those are probably my favorites.

    Janene Murphy said:
    22 January , 2012 at 01:48

    I’m not a coffee drinker, but I know for those that do it’s a biggee so I understand why you chose it. As for Coke, with its corrosive properties, I think that’s a great way to clean out your system. I’m gong to cheat and go with the answer Jayme made on BC, because I agree. Water, in its purest form, is the best beverage out there hands down.

      xanthuskidd responded:
      29 January , 2012 at 01:22

      Haha, I will admit that I use soda for its medicinal properties when I have a sore throat. 🙂

    Lilith said:
    22 January , 2012 at 20:08

    o yes, coffee in all its permutations…the perfect accompaniment to all of life – love, loss, longing, languor. and especially, especially, procrastination…o yes i could go on, and on, but that’s not getting the flood cleaned up from when someone had a shower when plumber had disconnected the pipes, is it……….

      xanthuskidd responded:
      29 January , 2012 at 01:22

      No, I suppose it isn’t… ;D

    kris landt said:
    24 January , 2012 at 11:25

    Cold filtered water with a teaspoon of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar, which contains harmless, living bacteria. The lipid membranes in the bacteria act as a surfactant, reducing the surface tension of the water molecules, making the water wetter, and theoretically, allowing the water molecules to penetrate the cell membranes in your digestive tract more readily. The vinegar is purported to have multiple healing properties, and drinking a weak acid solution like this several times a day has helped some folks cure their acid reflux. I don’t know about all that, but I do love the taste of it, even without sweetener! 🙂

      xanthuskidd responded:
      29 January , 2012 at 01:23

      That’s interesting. I don’t have acid reflux, but I’ll keep it in mind. 😀

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