The Backstory

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It all began in early July, 2011. The sun was beating down on the pad of paper, the ink in the pen was boiling, the shapes were beginning to become sentient…

“Whoa, wait a second, the shapes are becoming sentient?”
“Yes, just… listen to the story!” 

Anyway, let me back up a little bit. The paper is actually a notebook. A stark white drawing pad with a blue insignia on the front page. The black spiral binding winds its way around the pages like a plastic snake. It’s early July in North Carolina and the sun is exceedingly hot. The pad and pen had been left out in the open, allowing the heat to quickly warm the paper to dangerous conditions.

“Wait, why is it dangerous?”
“Hold on… I’m getting to that!”

On the paper were badly drawn practice images of strange visages, scribbled shapes, and horrible depictions of Al Gore. This was the sketchpad of an aspiring comic artist. Unfortunately, this particular artist couldn’t draw… like, at all. The pictures were terrible, the puns painful, and the punchlines were smashing. (sorry) The main characters appeared to be shapes. Simple polygons with facial expressions. A very strange and odd idea indeed. But back to the shapes themselves. The square had an innocent and fairly naive outlook on life, he looked around with wonderment at the world that he had just awoken to. The triangle, on the other hand, was a mischievous and conniving fellow.

“Ok, so, the square and the triangle are looking around the world now?”
“No, no…
they’re two dimensional, the only things they see are on the pad of paper – the grayscale drawings and scribbles that are sharing the pages with them.”
“Oh… that’s drab.”

The triangle looked around and realized the possibilities and opportunities he had waiting for him. The wonderful things that he could do with a simpleton of a square and a whole notebook page to work with. Thus, he began. The puns flew, the jokes were unleashed, and the ridiculous was realized. Soon though, the triangle discovered something else… there was an even broader world out there. A three dimensional plane of wonderment that held the one gem he sought. The one thing that the triangle wanted was to spread his madness and mayhem. At long last, he realized his goal. He conquered the obstacles that were before him and reached his final destination. The shapes have a blog. The world is no longer safe. Stay updated, warn others, send them to It’s for the greater good…

“You’re just saying that to get more traffic on your comics site…”

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2 thoughts on “The Backstory

    Blonk Byrtlesmith said:
    14 July , 2011 at 17:43

    I think your comic is wonderful. And you don’t have to draw the comics well to write them splendidly.

    anatheimp said:
    14 July , 2011 at 18:12

    Not shapist!

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