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As you’ve most likely figured out by now, my posts don’t always hold to a straight forward interpretation of their nomenclature. Today though, I’m actually going to write a post on recycling, but with a twist.  

This is a message to anyone who has upgraded their computers in the past 10 years and kept the old machine. I’m going to suggest to you a list of uses for old PC components.

The Wired Mouse:
A close relative of the wireless mouse, this little fellow has a tail. Here’s some alternatives to sending him to live with the garbage rats:
♦ Use multiple as a bolas.
♦ Cut cable and use to tie up vegetable plants.
♦ Cover with feathers and use as cat toy.

The CRT Monitor:
The old, fat cousin of the new LCD (flat panel) monitors. Don’t keep using this guy unless you like big numbers on your power bill.
♦ Use as a counter-weight in a crane.
♦ Disassemble and use capacitors as tazers.
♦ Combine with baseball bat for stress relief.
♦ Hook one on each end of a metal bar and bench press.

The 3 ½ Inch Floppy Diskette:
This little hard piece of plastic served you well over the years, so why not let him continue serving you!
♦ Use as a beverage coaster. (Served, serving… puns… get it? Sorry…)
♦ Build a little house. (Similar to a house of cards.)
♦ Use as a square frisbee.
♦ Actually use it to store important files. (Nobody else could open it anyway.) 

Anyway, perhaps not the most helpful list ever, I would though like to be a tad bit serious now. The components I mentioned above, and any computer components really, contain heavy metals and chemicals that really aren’t healthy to put into landfills. So if you do have any old PC pieces, take them to a recycling center near you. Many large office supply retailers and even Goodwill will take old PC components and reuse them. You can check out this website or do a Google search for a center near you. (Or you can play with your kittens with your feathery mouse.)



6 thoughts on “Recycling

    timethief said:
    27 June , 2011 at 17:16

    These are very amusing. Thanks for the laughs. 🙂
    P.S. We take all comuter and electronic equipment to a place that sepecializes in recycling said stuff.

    nothingprofound said:
    29 June , 2011 at 09:56

    Very ingenious and creative post as always.

      xanthuskidd responded:
      8 July , 2011 at 14:43

      As always, glad you read it.

    Irfan said:
    6 July , 2011 at 18:49

    Cut cable and use to tie up vegetable plants.

    a very interesting idea 😀

      xanthuskidd responded:
      8 July , 2011 at 14:42

      Haha, thanks. Welcome to my blog, thanks for reading!

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