Disillusions of Grandeur

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“This is a story of gallant and glory, of power and honor and fame.”
So said the one, who told me this tale, as he leaned on his wavering cane.
“Never before, related this story, have I to anyone near or far.
You are the first, and most likely the last, so listen, although it’s bizarre.”
 “The tale begins in a magnificent field, one of battle and splendor and more.
Everyone came, to join in the fray, the strong, the rich and the poor.
Every good legend must have a hero, else it would be rather dry.
Mine is a beast, a towering giant with stature that stretched towards the sky.
 Well regarded by all, he had but one downfall, too high he deemed his own worth.
You, see he was told, of his wonder and might, ‘till then from the time of his birth.
 ‘To conquer the world! This is my dream!’ He said to all who would listen.
Noble looks, lofty words, great power and wealth all added to build his grand vision.
Soon came there one, who’s talent it was, to tell of the things to come.
He walked in quite slowly on four of his legs, and approached our most opulent one.
“Good sir, and mighty, king of this realm, greetings I bring you today.
I have heard of your great planned endeavors, and how with your fortune you play.
Warn you I must, for allow you to stay, misinformed like this I cannot.
 For you see my good boy, you mustn’t try, to be something that you are not.”
They talked for a while, and then with a smile, the wise one got up to leave.
 His duty well done, and life soon had begun, to look brighter for all, I believe.
When finished he left, to go find some food, and then sleep a little while longer.
A leaf and some trash, some dirt and some mash, soon bested our wise ant’s hunger.”
Now to the picture, we first started with, our orator with wavering cane.
He looked up at me, and swayed in the breeze, and said to me this, quite plain.
“You see I am still grand, I have a great wig, though the pigment has all waved goodbye.
I don’t have long here, soon I will expire, but not for a while I’ll die.
A dandy lion I thought, though a dandelion I was taught, to live and to give you a laugh.
Disillusioned? Oh yes, but only in name, for you see, great wealth I did have.
I stood tall and proud, and never I bowed, and many a person impressed.
Now don’t be discouraged, and please don’t get down, and goodness! Don’t be depressed!
For come back next year, I’ll always appear. A lion, so dandy and fine.
 Just remember to tell me, what fate God has dealt me, and I’m sure that my strength will not pine.”

~ Xanthus Kidd

4 thoughts on “Disillusions of Grandeur

    Bella Konichiwa said:
    10 June , 2011 at 15:18

    *scratches head* I love how you make me think so dang hard??? Just to return the favor, can you put all this in plain dumb english?

      xanthuskidd responded:
      10 June , 2011 at 17:11

      So, there was this one guy, and he had heard this awesome story. All about all this cool stuff like honor and glory and great power. So, evidentially, he was the first to have ever heard this story. The story went like this.
      There was this awesome field, with all kinds of awesome stuff going on. It was a very busy scene, lots of bustling traffic and cool battles. Now, every story has to have a main character, this hero was pretty epic. He was tall, powerful, good looking, strong. He had one problem though, he thought too much of himself. Everyone had always told him how awesome he was, and this had inflated his ego. He had a dream of ruling the world, all of his super character traits added to his reveries and built up his ego even more. Now, enter wise person: this guy comes in, says all kinds of wise stuff, mainly though, he tells our hero that he is disillusioned. Whatever he said to our hero, it wasn’t discouraging, it merely made him wiser. Once he leaves, we find out the wise person is an ant.
      Now we’re back to the beginning, the one who is telling me this story. He’s like “Yeah, I’m still awesome, I am still quite good looking.” He’s going to expire soon, but he’s not going to die. He is a dandelion, the flower. At the beginning of his life he thought he was a lion, a great powerful beast. He finds that, even though he isn’t a great powerful beast, he still had worth, it just had a different purpose. He’ll be back soon, as soon as the old passes and the new dandelion grows up next year.

    Bella Konichiwa said:
    10 June , 2011 at 20:20

    Ok not only is your brain sexy. I am now totally in love with you. Great poem and awesome translation. I was just pulling your leg when I asked for it and I am humbled by your reply.

    pbscott said:
    10 June , 2011 at 21:12

    Nice poem Xanthus,
    It is a good read with a good rhythm, and moral to it, looking forward to reading more.

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