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  • Have you ever looked at the crazy labeling systems in stores? Here’s an example of where somebody’s plan for these strange vegetables went eschew.

I had no idea they were so desperate up there…
  • Moving on to the frozen foods section, we found these treasures. I sure have tons of fun whenever I eat chicken nuggets…

“Captain we are approaching the enemy base.”
“Fire phasers, Lieutenant.”
“Sir, they have dispatched a huge…. mouth?”
“What is that thing? Ahhh! Ketchup!!!”

"Jam-Packed With Loads of Fun in Every Bite!"
  • What better marketing ploy exists than to label something as alcoholic?  That must have been the thought process of somebody at Daily’s. I’m not sure if that is supposed to be a warning in disguise or an appeal to the redneck in us…
"Honey, have you been drinking the juice pouches again?"

So, next time you go to Walmart you should check out all of the little signs and labels. And… Help out the Canadians while you’re at it.

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