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Have you ever pondered the malevolent side of life? Have you ever sat in the black, lonely, hollow of your room and pondered… why? The ebb and flow of life course through your mind. Your thoughts are caught up in the current of your mind as it cascades over the precipice of the reality that you have come to acknowledge as your own. You ask yourself “how?” How could such an atrocity fall upon one with whom the fates had never before so violently contended.

You lament your loss as you gaze at your dresser. You walk over to the compilation of treated lumber and open the top shelf. A heavy sigh escapes your lungs as you gaze into the almost-empty drawer that once held that which was so dear to you. You reminisce over the wonderful times that you had together, and how it will never be the same again. Tearfully, you open the ziplock bag that you are holding in your hands. “You have a great new home now,” you whisper softly, knowing full well that these new socks will never replace that which you have lost.

Just know, we must all come to grips with this tragedy when it occurs; roommates will steal your socks and never return them. We must accept the fact and move on. So please, the next time you are forced to make the heart wrenching decision of replacing those crew cuts or ankle highs, remember there is someone else out there going through the same as you.


5 thoughts on “Why?

    Jemima said:
    9 February , 2011 at 02:47

    Alicia Keys’ song “No One” is applicable here.

    Michaela said:
    9 February , 2011 at 21:12

    That is just epic! I’m right there with you. hahaha. I can’t even count how many times my sister has taken my socks and not return them. That, and the washing machine tends to eat them whole.

    Steve said:
    10 February , 2011 at 02:36

    Socks are less than $7 at walmart. Focus on your studies and quit spewing out such tripe. Love DAD

    xanthuskidd responded:
    11 February , 2011 at 01:39

    Bah Humbug. It’s much more fun to write a long extrapolated storyline on how this impacts me personally. =D

    […] ♦ The Sock Thief – A distant relative of the monsters under your bed, the sock monster is a much more malicious and malignant personality. This fellow takes delight in purloining anything that has a match. Socks, shoes, gloves… nothing is safe from his grasp. This mean creature can influence people’s minds and cause them to steal socks, as I have witnessed personally. […]

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